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The world’s toughest companion seats

What is a Companion?
Companion; The first thing that comes to mind is the patient’s relative or friend who stays with the patient in the patient room. The health of the patient’s relative or friend is as important as the patient. Nowadays, we can see the companion not only in hospitals, but also in homes, baby rooms, in every area where the patient is, as the assistant of the delivery person. In such cases, we may always be considering the health of the patient, but the accompanying patient may be affected by his health during this period. We learn the questions and situations about the patient from the companions. He may not even have the opportunity to eat almost all day long, take care of the patient, give his medicines and eat. It bears a lot of responsibility for this and at the end of the day you may fall tired, exhausted. In order to relieve her fatigue, she should sit, rest and lie down in the accompanying chair next to the patient without leaving the patient. What is the Companion Chair? We will try to explain the questions such as how to be from our article below.

What is the Companion Chair?
Companion seat; the patient is the seats on which the relative or friend sleeps. There are single and double options. In terms of shape, it functions both as a sofa and as a bed. The feature that distinguishes the Companion Seats from other seats is the mechanism system. Thanks to this mechanism, it takes the shape of both a sofa, a bed and a TV seat. For this reason, the mechanism is of great importance in the companion seat. Main materials used in production; metal profile, baked beech wood, sponge, leather or fabric, imported elastic column and other by-materials. The largest work in Companion Seats falls into the framework and mechanism system. The seat becomes unusable when the mechanism is broken or not intact. For this, attention should be paid to the mechanism of the companion seat we receive and importance should be given to its robustness. Metal profile frame wall thickness is at least 2mm thick and it must be electrostatic powder painted. Mechanism should be preferred for each product as a mechanism. As a sponge, it differs according to the product and it should be 32 DNS sponge at least 10 cm thick in bed and sitting area. Sponge suitable for the region should be selected in the arm and foot rests. However, DNS (density) must be at least 32 DNS. There should be preferences such as leather or fabric options as coating. The Companion Seats you have chosen should be in the size you want and suitable for your space.

In Which Areas Are Companion Seats Used?
Accompanying Chairs usage areas; It can be used in any area where the patient needs an attendant. Generally, they are suitable seats for use in hospitals, hotels, pensions, and homes. It can also be preferred as a resting chair in offices. We can observe that the greatest need for the Accompanying Chairs is in hospitals. As we mentioned in the article above about the health of the companion, the health of the patient relatives staying with the patient is as important as the patient. Hospitals’ hospitality and hospitality of the patients are well emphasized. Accompanying seats are seats suitable for use not only in hospitals, but also in hotels, pensions and homes. As the companion seats, which do not take up much space due to their structure, are small, they are suitable for use as both beds and armchairs in home, hotel and hostel rooms.

Accompanying Chairs We Produce:
The pins have produced the design and production of the companion seats completely in accordance with the structure of the human body. Accompanying chairs are also produced as single and double seats. The material used in production is produced from materials such as metal profile, wood. Accompanying seats are one of the most important features that they can open when needed and turn into a bed. The most important factor that we will pay attention to when taking the companion seat is its durability, orthopedic and suitable design. Single and double companion chairs are produced for reasons such as the size and smallness of hospital, office, hotel, pension and home rooms.

The dimensions, features, mechanism system and production information of the companion seats we have produced can be found on the product detail page of each product.

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